Our Team

Our employees are all dedicated and hardworking, the success of MVS is down to their commitment.

Whilst there are a variety of teams within the company, we all work together to get great results on a daily basis.

With an ever growing list of team members, we would like to introduce you to some of the faces behind the hard work here at MVS.

Time to meet the team…


Matt Cowan MVS

Matt Cowan

Simon Hurst MVS

Simon Hurst

Managing Director
Richard Tape VMS

Richard Tape

Finance Director


Alistair Maher

Alistair Maher

Head of Sales
Ian Pennell MVS

Ian Pennell – CTS

Pre Sales Lead
Joe Edwards MVS

Joe Edwards

Account Manager
Alex Vogt MVS

Alex Vogt – CTS

Technical Pre Sales


Ben Smits MVS

Ben Smits

Head of Projects
James Snelling

James Snelling

Project Manager
Noel Moss-Holland MVS

Noel Moss-Holland

Project Manager
Paul Rosten-White MVS

Paul Rosten-White

Lead AV Installer
Jenny Nixon MVS

Jenny Nixon

Service Delivery Manager
Jack Roynon MVS

Jack Roynon

AV Engineer
Gary Batting MVS

Garry Batting

AV Engineer
Arnie Beale MVS

Arnie Beale

Warehouse & Rack Builds


Dominic Tucker MVS

Dominic Tucker

Debbie Etchells MVS

Debbie Etchells

Office Manager
Jenni Bowman MVS

Jenni Bowman

PA to Director

Kate Robinson

General Administrator